For several years now, we have been planning to build our website. The goal of building a website was to start targeting homeowners who prefer using online channels to book their tree service procedures.

Just last week, we collaborated with Home Service Direct and initiated the process of building the new website. We had expected the entire process to take more than a month. However, to our surprise, Home Service Direct delivered a fully functional website this morning.

When we sat down to review the website, everyone was impressed with the results. Home Service Direct had considered all our requests and included all the features we needed. What’s more, the company had added several features to make the website extremely easy to use.

Some of the website features that appealed to us the most include:

The Website Loads in Less Than 3 Seconds

One of our goals was to leverage Google for lead generation. However, nowadays no one waits for 10 seconds for a website to load. Therefore, even if a potential customer clicked on the website after searching Google and it take too long to load, we would end up losing that lead.

Luckily for us, Home Service Direct went the extra step to make the new website fast loading. In just 3 seconds, the website loads up completely.

The Website Works on All Types of Screens

Most of our customers use mobile devices to access the internet. We never wanted a website that would not display well on mobile. Also, we did not want a website that would display well on mobile but look bad on desktop.

Home Service Direct understood our needs and built a responsive website. The website responds to screen size and displays perfectly irrespective of how big or small the screen is.

The Website Has a Tree Service Ordering Form

With the new website, customers can easily fill out a form to request tree maintenance services. The form is extremely simple to use— the customers need to do is fill out their name, their contact details, and then choose the tree service procedure they need. When they hit the submit button, this information is sent directly to our website.

The Website Has Top-Tier Security Protocols

There is nothing that discourages people to use a website than visiting it and realizing that it is insecure. Home Service Direct added what its team is calling an SSL certificate.

The certificate shows a lock on the top-left corner of the web address bar. When we click on this lock, it shows the website is fully secure. This will get more homeowners to fill out the form and request our services.

The Website Has a Click-to-Call Button

The website already has our contact number. However, one thing we know is that homeowners do not want to waste their time typing this number on their phones to call.

Home Service Direct made things easy with a click-to-call button. When a homeowner clicks this button, the number preloads itself on the dial-pad. All that the homeowner will need to do is press the call button.

We are more than happy that we decided to hire Home Service Direct for the tree service website design. The company went beyond our expectations to include features that we never knew were necessary.

To explore the new website, just visit the home page and browse around. Be sure to test out the service request form and the click-to-call button—this will give you a good idea of how the website operates.

If your company is struggling to get local tree services leads calls or you need access to high-quality tree service marketing services, consider contacting Home Service Direct at [email protected] and (833) 827-4425. Home Service Direct also boasts tree service SEO specialists who will help your website rank high in the search engines. To be one of the first people to order a tree service from us online, visit our website at

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